Magazine Articles

Here are a few more I have managed to corral.  I am working to get all our writing on this page, but those little links are slippery fellows.  Please check again for more articles by Ben and Danielle Zartman.

BoatUS Magazine Aug/Sept 2010

When They Wished Upon A star

BoatUS Magazine Aug/Sept 2011

How We Hooked The Kids

BoatUS Magazine April/May 2013

Einstein’s Energy For His Boats



Cold Comfort Cruising

Los Boatyardigans

History Repeated

Things Remembered

Far, Far Away

Homemade Hardware

A Motoring Muse

Buy More to Save

Filling in Time

Keepin’ It Legal


Horizon, Here We Come

Moving Day

Making a Mast

A Do-It-Yourself Dinghy

Weekend Welder

First Night Aboard

The Foulness of Fairing

Carpentry Cover-Up

Celestial all the Way